Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Devonian bryozoans of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland. Part II. Cyclostomata and Cystoporata

Maria Kiepura

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 18 (4), 1973: 325-400

Descriptions are given of 33, species of Middle Devonian Bryozoa from the Holy Cross Mts., belonging to the orders Cyclostomata and Cystoporata. Cyclostomata are represented by 26 species (4 new: Corynotrypa (Corynotrypa) skalensis, C. (C.) basiplata, Stomatopora varigemmata and Diversipora bitubulata n. gen.). Cystoporata are represented by 7 new species: Ceramoporella orbiculata, C. grandicystica, Favositella integrimuralis, Fistulipora boardmani, F. emphantica, Cyclotrypa nekhoroshevi and Fistuliramus astrovae. The systematic assignment of the genus Hederella Hall, 1881 has been discussed and the "tabulate-like" microstructure of the zooecial walls of this genus examined. In addition, the epifauna and associated assemblages have been characterized as well as the geological and palaeoecological conditions in which the described Bryozoa occurred.

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