Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

An early Pleistocene fauna of small mammals

Kazimierz Kowalski

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 03 (1), 1958: 1-47

A description is given of the Insectivora, Chiroptera, Lagomorpha and Rodentia found in clay deposits filling up karst potholes in the Kadzielnia Hill of Kielce. The collected fauna is of early Pleistocene age and is probably referable to the Gunz-Mindel Interglacial. The following species have been identified: Talpa minor Freudenberg, T. jossilis Petenyi, Sorex druntonensis Hinton, Sorex sp., Beremendia fissidens (Petenyl), Petenyia hungarica Kormos, Rhinolophus cf. ferrumequinum (Schreber), Myotis cf. exilis Heller, Myotis sp., Hypolagus brachygnathus Kormos, Pliolagus cf. tothi Kretzoi, Sciurus sp., Dolomys episcopalis (Mehely) , D. kretzoi n.sp., Mimomys pliocaenicus (F. Major ), M. reidi Hinton,
M. newtoni F. Major, Apodemus sp., Muscardinus sp. The description of a new species - Promimomys insuliferus n.sp., previously indetified by the writer as "Mimomys cf. pusillus (Mehely)", supplements his earlier paper on the fauna from

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