Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Devonian bryozoans of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland Part 1. Ctenostomata

Maria Kiepura

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 10 (1), 1965: 11-48

Nine species and 3 subspecies of the Couvinian and Givetian bryozoans of the order Ctenostomata Busk, belonging to 5 genera: Ropalonaria Miller, Vinella Ulrich, Allonema Ulrich & Bassler, Ascodictyon Nicholson & Etheridge Jr. and Eliasopora Bassler are described. Two of the described species have not been given names (Vinella sp. and  Ascodictyon sp.), one is a new subspecies (Allonema moniliforme parvum n. subsp.) and five - new species (Ropalonaria givetiana n. sp., Ascodictyon sparsiforme n. sp., Ascodictyon vinelliforme n. sp., Ascodictyon venustum n. sp. and Eliasopora devoniana n. sp.). The specimens in vestigated come from the localities Skały and Grzegorzowice, situated in the eastern part of the Bodzentyn syncline. The problems of age, stratigraphic and geographical range, as well as ecological conditions of the Ctenostomata assemblage investigated are discussed.

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