Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Polychaete jaw apparatuses and scolecodonts from the Upper Devonian of Poland

Hubert Szaniawski and Ryszard M. Wrona

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 18 (3), 1973: 223-267

From Frasnian strata pierced by the Opole Lubelskie borehole in the south-eastern Poland, 10 polychaete jaw apparatuses are described. For these apparatuses, 7 new ,species and 3 new genera are proposed: Multiprion opolensis n.gen., n.,sp., Mochtyella kielanae n.sp., Xanioprion walliseri n.sp., Processoprion longiprocessus n.gen., n.sp., Polychaetaspis hindei n.sp., Kielanoprion elleri n.sp., and Hindeoprion basalaris n.gen., n.,sp. Moreover, 4 new species and 3 new genera of isolated polychaete jaws are described: Langeites lublinensis n.sp., Trianguligenys n.gen., Uncinogenys uncinatus n.gen., n.sp., Serratula minutidentata n.gen., n.sp., and Serratula longidentata n.sp. The problems of taxonomy of fossil polychaetes are discussed and necessity of further application of two independent systematics, one for
scolecodonts and other for jaw apparatuses, is emrphasized.

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