Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Cosmopolitan Early Jurassic marine gastropods from west-central Patagonia, Argentina

S. Mariel Ferrari

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 54 (3), 2009: 449-461 doi:

A new, relatively diverse gastropod fauna is reported from the Chubut province of west−central Patagonia. The gastropod association at the “El Córdoba” fossiliferous locality (Lower Toarcian of Osta Arena Formation) consists of three new species: the eucyclid Amberleya? espinosa sp. nov. and two procerithiids Cryptaulax damboreneae sp. nov. and Cryptaulax nulloi sp. nov. Other members of the association are the ataphrid Striatoconulus sp., discohelicid Colpomphalus? sp., and an undetermined zygopleurid. Knowledge on Early Jurassic gastropods from South America and other southern continents is reviewed to show that the taxonomic composition of the El Cordoba association strongly resembles other gastropod associations of this age (even those from Europe), suggesting a wide distribution of cosmopolitan genera.

Key words: Gastropoda, Osta Arena Formation, Toarcian, Jurassic, Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina.

S. Mariel Ferrari [], Museo Paleontológico “Egidio Feruglio”, CONICET, Av. Fontana 140, U9100GYO, Trelew-Chubut, Argentina.

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