Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Trachyplax arctica, a new multiplated problematic fossil from the lower Cambrian of North Greenland

Cecilia M. Larsson, John S. Peel, and Anette E.S. Högström

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 54 (3), 2009: 513-523 doi:

A new scleritome−bearing organism with eight sclerite types, Trachyplax arctica gen. et sp. nov., is described from the lower Cambrian Paralledal Formation of North Greenland. The originally calcareous sclerites are now silicified; no microstructures are preserved. The dominant sclerite type (A; maximum dimension 19.3 mm) is bilaterally symmetrical, strongly arched, with an oval shield showing co−marginal growth lines and a projecting rostrum with prominent radial ornamentation. A similar sclerite morphology can be identified in Silurian–Carboniferous multiplacophoran molluscs but the remaining sclerite types, which also display a combination of concentric and radial ornamentation, find no clear equivalents. Two models for scleritome reconstruction are presented, based on the relative abundance of the sclerites, but neither promotes a satisfactory assignment to a higher taxon. Despite the morphological dissimilarities, possibly reflecting the age discrepancy, reference to the Multiplacophora is most attractive and entails a substantial extension of the known geological range of that group.

Key words: Trachyplax, Problematica, sclerites, scleritome, Multiplacophora, Cambrian, Greenland.

Cecilia M. Larsson [], John S. Peel [], and Anette E.S. Högström [], Department of Earth Sciences, Palaeobiology, Uppsala University, Villavägen 16, SE-752 36 Uppsala, Sweden.

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