Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Carboniferous Rugosa and Heterocorallia from boreholes in the Lublin Region (Poland)

Nguyen Duc Khoa

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 22 (4), 1977: 301-404

Fourty two species referred to 21 genera and 2 subgenera are described; one genus and 5 species are new: Diphyphyllum rarevesiculosum sp.n., Lithostrotion (Siphonodendron) dobrolyubovae sp.n., L. (S.) rossicum strzelcense subsp.n., L. (S.) rossicum parvum subsp.n., Lublinophyllum fedorowskii gen. et sp.n. Genera Orionastraea and Turbinatocaninia are for the first time recorded in Poland. Heterophyllidae with 5 septa and pentagonal cross-section are recorded. Blastogeny has been studied in 13 species and subspecies. Axial increase has been studied in detail in Lithostrotion (Siphonodendron) dobrolyubovae sp.n. Taxonomic division of Rugosa based on blastogeny, is demonstrated to be questionable in some cases. Fusion of corallites has been observed in colonies of Lithostrotion and Lonsdaleia colonies. Existence of holotheca in Orionastraea aff. magna Kato & Mitchell has been proved.

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