Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Evolution of Paleozoic corals of the Verkhoyansk Mountains

Kaleria B. Khaiznikova

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 25 (3-4), 1980: 567-570

The class Anthozoa is represented by Tabulata and Heliolitida in Paleozoic series of the Verkhoyansk Mountains (Verkhoyanie). Representatives of all the seven tabulate orders and of the heliolitid orders (Heliolitida, Proporida) moved into this area from the Siberian platform in the late Ordovician. At the end of the Ordovician and the beginning of the Silurian the orders Lichenarllda, Sarcinulida, Tetradllda and Proporida died out in Verkhoyanie. The families Halysitidae, Favositidae, Pachyporidae experienced a burst of speciation in the early Silurian. The orders Halysitida and Heliolitida became extinct by the early Upper Silurian. With the Gedinnian-Siegenian transgression Favositidae, Pachyporidae, Alveolitidae, Coenitidae, Syringoporidae migrated from the Arctic basin into the Verkhoyansk sea. Known from the Givetian and Frasnian are only numerous representatives of Pachyporidae, Alveolitidae, Coenitidae and Syringoporidae. Corals Syringoporida and Auloporida disappeared by the beginning of Visean time and those of the order Favositida in the Early Permian.

Key words: Corals, Tabulata, Heliolitida, paleogeographic distribution, Verkhoyansk Mountains (Verkhoyanie), Siberian platform.

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