Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

New benthic foraminifers from the Late Cretaceous of Poland

Eugenia Gawor-Biedowa

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 32 (1-2), 1987: 49-71

New taxa of benthic foraminifers are described from rich microfaunal assemblages of Campanian and Maastrichtian deposits from eastern and central Poland. The new taxa include 13 species and 9 genera (Telatynella telatynensis and T. clavata; Varsoviella pazdroae; Cribrella lacrima, C. fusiffosmis and C. ovata; Coryphostomella lublinensis and C. telatynensts; Czarkowyelkla czarkowyensis; Pazdroella olgae; Triaperturina polonica; Quadriaperturina varsoviensis; Lublinella lublinensis), 3 new subfamilies (Haplophragmiidae: Telatynellinae; Ataxophragmiidae: Varsoviellinae; and Pleurostomellidae: Pazdroellinae) and one family (Rotallina: Lublinidae).

Key words: Foraminiferida, taxonomy, stratigraphy, Campanian, Maastrichtian, Poland

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