Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Red algae from the Pińczów Limestones (Middle Miocene; Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Central Poland)

Wiesław Studencki

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 33 (1), 1988: 3-57

The paper deals with the red algae (mainly Corallinaceae) which are the main component of the Middle Miocene (Badenian) Pińczów Limestones, Świętokrzyskie Mts. (Holy Cross Mts.), Central Poland. Algal growth forms characterize the facies of the Pińczów Limestones. Distribution of several red-algal species shows a correlation with two environmental parameters, viz. water agitation and the substrate. A comparison to Tertiary red-algal floras shows that the specific composition of the Pińczów Limestones flora resembles other assemblages from the Middle Miocene of Poland and those of Ukraine, as well as the assemblage from the Oligocene of Northern Italy. In the systematic part of the paper 13 species of 12 genera (Archaeolithothamnium, Palaeothamnium, "Lithothamnium", Mesophyllum,
Lithophyllum, Leptolithophyllum. Titanoderma, Melobesia, Lithoporella, Jania, Corallina,
and Karpathia) are described, one of which is new: Leptolithophyllum maslovi sp. n.

Key words: Rhodophyceae, Corallinaceae, palaeoecology, systematics, Badenian, Poland.

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