Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Lower Eifelian ostracods from the West Świętokrzyskie Mountains

Jan Malec

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 34 (3), 1989: 233-270

Twenty-two benthic ostracod species have been described from the lower Eifelian Partitus Zone, the Chimaerothyris dombrowiensis local brachiopod biozone. The species described by Gürich (1896) and Kummerow (1953) from the lower Eifelian of Dąbrowa have been revised and the following new ones described: Sulcatiella pusilla, Evlanella kielcensis, Jefina larga, Cytherellina clara, Orthocypris magna, Bairdiacypris subbafasi, and Cryptophyllus nidae. Neotypes of the following species have been designated: Rishona obliqua (Gürich), Poloniella devonica Gürich, Evlanella humiliformis (Gürich) and Bythocyproidea polaris (Gürich).

Key words: Ostracoda, lower Eifelian, stratigraphy, Poland.

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