Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Palynostratigraphy of the Buntsandstein in sections of western Poland

Teresa Orłowska-Zwolińska

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 29 (3-4), 1984: 161-194

The palynological assemblages zones and subzones provide biostratigraphic framework for the investigated sections. The Ludbladispora obsoleta - Protohaplorypinus pantii zone established for the Lower Buntsandstein strata in three sections of western Poland is correlated with the Protohaplorypinus association, concurrent with Otoceras in rock of the Griesbachlan stage of East Greenland. Selected miospore species are described, including two new ones:  Baculatisporites verus sp, n. and Ellipsovelatisporites rugulatus sp. n., as well as one new combination: Protohaploxypinus pantii Jansonius comb. n.

Key words: Lower Triassic, Buntsandstein, palynostratigraphy, palynological assemblage zones, miospores, Poland

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